All you have to pay online is the booking fee. The rest (the rent fee) will need to be paid directly to the property owner depending on the particular conditions specified on the tab of the apartment and the payment page. You have 3 online payment methods:
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer

In the case that the payment is made via credit card or Paypal, the payment is instantly confirmed and you will immediately receive an email confirming your booking. In this email you will find the contact information of the property owner and the instructions to follow.

In the case that the payment is made via bank transfer, you will also receive an email with instructions, but your reservation will not be confirmed until we receive the proof of your transfer. That means that if in this procedure someone else books the property by credit card or PayPal, you will lose your reservation. But do not worry: you will have the option to choose another apartment or we will refund the amount of the reservation.

If you want to know if the payment with Only-apartments is secure, you have more information here.

The deposit is an amount of money that the property owner may request and require as a security deposit for the care and proper use of the apartment (if any, it will be specified in the “House Rules” tab of the apartment). If there are no problems during your stay, once leaving the property and confirming that everything is in perfect condition, this money will be returned.
The costs for the final cleaning of the apartment are included in the total price, unless stated otherwise in the special conditions that are specified for each property.
Yes, all taxes are included except for the tourist rates, which in certain destinations may be a demand for the property owner to require. Additional expenses, if they exist, will be mentioned in the particular conditions that can be found in the page of each property. These costs vary depending on the number of people and the length of the stay.

There is an alternative payment, which is the payment by bank transfer. In order to do it, you must follow all steps to complete the booking process: choose the property, fill the form of reservation, and when you reach the payment window you will be able to choose this payment method. If you choose bank transfer, you will immediately receive an email with all the details of our bank, where you will have to make the transfer. In that email you will also have an email where you will be able to send the proof of the deposit.

It is very important to indicate the booking reference number and have in mind that it will only be confirmed once we receive the proof. If during the period of time in between when you make the pre-reservation your property is booked by another person, we will offer you another property or refund you the money. However, before depositing the money in the bank, you should check in the calendar of the property, in our web page, that the dates are still available.

Only-apartments uses the best security certificates to ensure all payments. You have all the information here.

To begin you must first go to the Only-apartments homepage, where you will indicate the desired destination, dates of your stay, and the number of people that will be using the property (you can specify the number of adults and children). The search filters allow you to search for properties by location, number of rooms, price, availability for parking your car, access to internet, if there is a baby cot, and much more.

The displayed list of apartments is all the ones that are available in the dates indicated and can be reserved. To view the details of each apartment, equipment, rent conditions, exact location, etc. simply click on its name and you will view the information.

After you have chosen the apartment and have filled your contact details, you will be able to choose from three payment methods. You must choose a payment method to pay the reservation fee from the following: credit card, Paypal, or bank transfer. If you choose to pay by credit card or Paypal, you will immediately receive an email with the confirmation of your booking and all the details of the apartment. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, you will also receive an email with the instructions to make the transfer and subsequently confirm the reservation.

The infants between 0 and 2 years (in the moment of using the apartment) have a free stay and are not to be included as guests. The children between 2 and 12 years do count as guests for the reservation: our system will allow you to indicate the number of adults and children because in certain apartments children may have a special price.
To facilitate the choice of your apartment, you can choose up to 9 apartments as favorites during the searching process (all you have to do is click on the heart symbol). This way you can access a limited list of options and your decision will be easier to make.
The search system of Only-apartments allows you to apply the filters that you might need, also if you do a search by map. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact, or give us a call.
Only-apartments properties are the most detailed in the market. You should find all the information needed because our aim is to make it as easy as possible to make a booking and for our clients to be provided with lots of information to make a decision.  However, if you have any doubts of any features of a property, you can write us at or call us.
This information can be found in the section of “House Rules” of the property. Some property owners allow the possibility to arrive (check-in) before or exit (check-out) after from the hours stipulated by paying an amount for the service. If this possibility is not indicated on the property section, you should directly ask the property owner once you have booked and have obtained their contact information, which you will receive in the confirmation email.
In the property section there is an icon which indicates whether or not there’s an available car park. However, if you need more information, once you have made a reservation you will receive an email with the contact information of the property owner. You can write or call the owner, and he or she will inform you of the nearest car park available.
It may be that we do not have any available apartments in that area, for those dates, and for the number of people, or that:
  • The minimum stay indicated for the property owners in that area and for the days that you are searching exceeds what you have requested.
  • The stay you have indicated is too long for any apartment to be available. In this case, you can repeat the search filter for fewer days and may find a property that you can combine with another for the rest of your stay.
  • The stay you have indicated is for many people and there are no properties that can accommodate them all. In this case, you can repeat the search filter with fewer  people and it is possible that you will find several properties and that your group can split.

The confirmation of the reservation will be sent to your email with the email address that you have included in the process of booking the property. In this confirmation you will receive:

  • The exact address of the property.
  • The details of the contact person and information about the keys. From this point on you will be able to get in contact with this person and ask any questions or doubts on how to get to the apartment or other issues you may be concerned about.
Our properties undergo a quality process and our objective is that all the information included on the properties sections is accurate and 100% fit to reality. Nevertheless, if you find any damage or incident when arriving, or the place does not offer the standards of accommodation and equipment detailed on the website of Only-apartments, you must notify us by calling us  and writing a claim to our customer service ( at most within 24 hours after the check-in, so that we can carry out the necessary checks and take appropriate actions. We recommend you to carefully read our Refund policy. Any other type of claim that is not directly related to the booked property (for instance, complaints related to the area where the apartment is located, for example) or the information provided in the website, will not be accepted from Only-apartments.
Almost all the properties include linens and towels, but in case they are not available, it will be specified in the equipment section of the property. If you have any doubt, write us at or call us.

We recommend that you carefully read our Amendment Policy.  If you want to change the dates of your reservation, the number of people or change the property, get in contact with our customer service at

First, we recommend that you carefully read our Cancellation and no-show policy. If you want to cancel your reservation following our policy, get in contact with our customer service at

You have all the information at our Refund Policy. Once read, send us an email at or call us.

After the departure of your stay, you will receive an email with a Quality Form, in which you can rate the service, quality, and experience of your stay.

This email will be automatically sent to the same email address you provided for the reservation (the same address where we sent the confirmation email). Through this email you will be able to leave any comments about the property, which will also be sent to the contact person and will be published in the online page of the property. Our staff will contact you in case your comment requires more information or clarification by the property owner.

All comments, both positive and negative, will be published as long as they don’t contain abusive, threatening or advertising language.  Our aim is that all information provided in our webpage is truthful and real so that customers can make a better decision. Consult our  Comments policy.

If you have not yet received it, please provide us with another email address so we can resend you the email. Send it to

Only-apartments obeys all current regulations regarding data protection, as well as information society and electronic commerce services. Consult our Privacy policy and our Cookies policy.