Terms & Conditions

1. General information

Different Travel S.L.U. is a Travel Agency whose main business activity is developed on the Internet, through www.only-apartments.com and other associated portals (hereinafter the Portals).

In accordance with Law 34/2002 of July 11, of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Service and concordant regulations, it is noted that Different Travel S.L.U. has its headquarters in Plaza San Lorenzo 2 bajos, 22330, Aínsa (Huesca – Spain). Different Travel S.L.U. has CIF B- 22246136, and is registered in the Companies Registry of Huesca, volume 452, sheet 113 and following, page number HU-5938.

Different Travel S.L.U. is licensed by the Autonomous Community of Aragon CAA11-3 as a wholesaler-retailer travel agency.

You can consult the different ways to contact Different Travel S.L.U in the Contact section of our website (telephone numbers, opening hours, e-mail…).

2. Application of the Terms & Conditions

The use of the Portals by the User implies the express acceptance and full and unreserved adherence to each and every one of these General Conditions. Different Travel S.L.U. can modify these General Conditions at any time and in any event, so we recommend their periodic review and, when subscribing to the services available on the Portals.

Different Travel S.L.U. offers its services through the Portals to final consumers resident in Spain or who contract from Spain, as well as to companies and self-employed people. These conditions are subject to Spanish law, and the contract with the user is made in Spanish or other languages that are available and have been selected by the user.

The contracting of the services made available to the User in the Portals is carried out through the procedures indicated in the Portals themselves.

Some services are subject to specific conditions, which are presented to the User for his/her information, and to be fulfilled and, in the event of incompatibility, replace what is established in these General Conditions. In addition, in the case of companies and self-employed people, the provisions established for this purpose in these General Conditions will be applied on a preferential basis.

3. Use of the Portals

The User declares that he/she is of legal age and has the legal capacity to acquire the services offered through the Portals.

The User will use the Portals solely and exclusively in good faith, and for private and personal use. Commercial use of the Portals by the User is not authorised. If the User is a self-employed person or company, they must check the specific conditions that apply to them.

The User may not copy, reproduce, transmit or distribute in any way the content of these Portals or the services that can be obtained through them without prior written permission from Different Travel S.L.U. The User agrees not to carry out negligent, fraudulent or illegal use of the Portals, as well as not to damage the image or rights of Different Travel S.L.U. or third parties.

The User will refrain from obstructing the functionality of the Portals, impersonating other Users or persons, checking for vulnerabilities and, in general, any use that is contrary to normal use of the Portals.

The User accepts that Different Travel S.L.U. may cancel their password, account (or any part thereof) or use of the Portals, if Different Travel S.L.U. considers that they have acted contrary to the provisions of these Conditions.

4. Responsibility of Different Travel S.L.U.

Different Travel S.L.U. is not responsible for any damages caused to the User as a consequence of their use of the Portals contrary to what is established in these Conditions, or caused by the actions of third parties.

Different Travel S.L.U. tries to make the information contained in the Portals as reliable and updated as possible. However, it may contain inaccuracies, misprints or any kind of error, so Different Travel S.L.U. does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information or content of the Portals.

The images of the apartments are a sample of the accommodation, the assignation provided by the accommodation will not always coincide with the photographs published on our website.

Different Travel S.L.U. may, at any time and without incurring any responsibility, vary the content of the Portals as well as alter the offers on all or some of its services.

Within the Portals there may be links to other websites over which Different Travel S.L.U. has no control and for which, therefore, Different Travel S.L.U. is not responsible. Different Travel S.L.U. does not sponsor or guarantee any of these third party websites.

Different Travel S.L.U. will not be responsible to the User for any loss or damage that the User may suffer as a direct or indirect consequence of a supply of products or a provision of services that is prevented, hindered, delayed or provided in an inefficient manner, due to force majeure, fortuitous event or coercion. Meaning any unforeseeable and exceptional situation or event that is beyond the control of Different Travel S.L. U and prevents it from fulfilling any of its obligations to the User and which is unavoidable despite exercising due diligence, including but not limited to strike, labour conflict, war (whether declared or not) or threat, invasion, riot, terrorist attack or threat, terrorist activities, riots, industrial disputes, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, hurricane, earthquake, fire, flood, snow storm, explosion, storm, subsidence, epidemic, pandemic or endemic, impossibility of using trains, ships, planes, motor transport or other means of transport, public or private, impossibility of use telecommunications systems, breakdowns, transport accidents, etc.

5. User’s Responsibility

The Portals allow the User to include ratings, comments and other content (“User Content”).

User Content will be posted on the Internet, so that anyone visiting the Portals will have access to it.

The User is solely responsible for the Content that he or she posts to the Portals, and he or she agrees that the said Content does not violate the rights of third parties, is not contrary to the law, morals and public order, and does not include advertising content.

Different Travel S.L.U. does not edit, select, control, guarantee or approve the User Content. If the User considers that any User Content violates his or her rights, please contact Different Travel S.L.U. Notwithstanding the above, Different Travel S.L.U. reserves the right to modify or remove, in whole or in part, at any time, and at its sole discretion, any User Content.

It is the responsibility of the User to maintain the confidentiality of their passwords, as well as to ensure the accuracy of the personal data provided.

6. Intellectual and Industrial property

The User acknowledges that all images, designs, drawings, logos, trademarks, source code, audiovisual material, and any other content that may be protected under applicable law on Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (including the sui generis right on databases) to which it has access by using the Portals, are the property of Different Travel SLU or third party owners. The User undertakes to use these Portals respecting such rights.

The use of the portals, as well as subscribing for services and/or products through them, does not imply in any case the transfer of rights by Different Travel S.L.U. in the field of intellectual or industrial property.

Different Travel S.L.U. prohibits use of the service in any way that directly or indirectly violates the applicable legislation on intellectual or industrial property, such action and its consequences being the sole responsibility of the user, who will maintain Different Travel S.L.U. unharmed in any case.

The User will continue to be the owner of the rights to the User Content created and incorporated into the Portals. However, the User grants Different Travel S.L.U. a non-exclusive license, free of charge, with the power to sublicense, to a worldwide territorial scope and during the entire period of validity, for use and publication of such User Content on the Portals, as well as for its transformation.

7. Conditions for the Provision of Services

The Portals offer information on accommodation bookings, apartments and similar or accessory services, facilitating the possibility for the User to make the booking on-line.

The Portals detail the characteristics and conditions of the bookings offered by Different Travel, S.L.U. at all times, including those on services that may be considered as package tours, which will depend in each case on the elements involved in the package tour in question.

By making a booking on our Portals, the User accepts the Conditions in force at that time. If you do not accept them, do not make any bookings. You can print out a copy of these Conditions for future reference.

Prices are displayed in the Portals, depending on the search criteria (length stay, number of people, etc.), including applicable Value Added Tax or similar. All prices are to be paid in euros except in the case of direct payments, which are to be made in local currency (in which case the price is to be paid at the exchange rate in force at the time of payment). Unless otherwise indicated, any additional services other than those expressly indicated with respect to the price as well as visas, insurance, tips and other expenses not expressly included, must be paid for separately. The prices shown on the Portals are updated in real time and may change at any time for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: availability, events, seasonality, exchange rate fluctuations, etc.

Unless it is indicated that payment will be made at the apartment or service provider concerned, payment for our services may be made by debit or credit card, by Paypal or by transfer. In the case of payment by card, the collection will be made through our collection service provider. All PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy. In cases of payment by PayPal, the User accepts this Privacy Policy. In case of payment by transfer, the transfer must be made within the time and conditions indicated in the contract process. In the event that payment is made to the apartment or service provider concerned, the details of your card may be requested, either as a guarantee of payment or to make an advance payment, as indicated in the contractual process.

The service will be understood to be provided from the moment the User completes the booking process and receives the confirmation indicated in the following section. From that moment, as long as the booking service has been executed, there will be no right of withdrawal in favour of the User in the terms established in the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, which approves the Revised Text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws. However, the User may cancel or desist from the booking, although in this case the cancellation costs informed in the contracting procedure will be applied, both during the booking process and in the Voucher and in the confirmation e-mail.

Also, the User will lose the total amount paid to Different Travel S.L.U. when making the booking, which has been paid in advance or a charge will be applied by the corresponding service provider, in those cases where the User does not show up at the establishment, date and time agreed without having previously cancelled the booking by the established procedure (“no-show”).

Different Travel S.L.U. will inform you, in each case, of the specific cancellation and “no-show” policies that may apply.

In the case of apartment bookins, if after the check in there is an early departure, the accommodation is entitled to invoice 100% of the total stay initially booked exempting Different Travel S.L.U. from any responsibility.

Some bookings may be associated with a gift or extra service for which a specific voucher is required to be presented with the booking (tickets, passes, …) . The cancellation of the reservation also implies the cancellation of the gift or extra service associated with it and does not give the right to enjoy it.

For group bookings, the hotel reserves the right to confirm or reject places. Once confirmed, they may have different specific payment conditions to be detailed by the establishment.

It is obligatory to always present the voucher for both the accommodation and any extra services if there are any

As it is a service, the consumer legislation for guarantee of product does not apply.


  1. In order to match the price, the User must have a confirmed reservation on our Portals which, in principle, can be cancelled or amended free of charge.
  2. Confirmed bookings with non-refundable rates are final and, therefore, Only-apartments cannot guarantee the application of the benefit “BEST PRICE OR WE WILL EQUAL IT”, although, whenever possible, we will try to offer the User a more competitive offer.
  3. We allow users who have made their reservation at only-apartments.com 24* hours from the time they receive the booking confirmation e-mail, to notify us that the same apartment that they have just booked with the same booking conditions and cancellation policy, is available at a cheaper price in another online travel agency.
  4. In order to prove it, the user must send to the e-mail address customersupport@onlyapartments.com a screen image of the offer found or alternative documentation that allows us to check the lower rate in another portal, as well as the conditions of consultation being the same. Only-apartments will check that this can be reproduced on screen at that time, that it is still available, that the price is lower and that the conditions are the same.
  5. In the event that it is verified and proven that the price offered by only-apartments is not the cheapest under the conditions detailed above, only-apartments, undertakes to match the price, provided that the rest of the requirements specified for the benefit “THE BEST PRICE OR WE WILL EQUAL IT” in these General Conditions are met.
  6. The price will not be equaled in the following cases: If the lowest rate is found to be wrong. If the name of the accommodation is not indicated on the referenced website. If the consultation has been made with preferential conditions (discounts, partners, points program…).
  7. Note*: The maximum time we give is 24 hours, taking into account the frequent price fluctuations (both up and down) that the rates of the apartments suffer. This is the estimated time it takes us to update our prices to improve them.
  8. Whenever the benefit of “THE BEST PRICE OR WE WILL EQUAL IT” is used, the Wallet amount corresponding to the existing balance associated with the booking will be eliminated. Similarly, the extra products associated with the booking (such as, but not limited to, glasses, maps, etc.) will be eliminated.

In the event that the service contracted is considered to be a combined trip, the specific regulations (Book IV of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, by which the Revised Text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws is approved). In these cases, the termination of the contract by the User will imply the obligation to pay the cancellation costs indicated in the contracting process, as well as a penalty, the amount of which will depend on the advance notice of cancellation of the trip:

  • Between 15 and 10 days before the date of the trip, 5% of the total price of the trip will be paid.
  • Between 10 and 3 days before the date of the trip, 15% of the total price of the trip will be paid.
  • Within 48 hours before the date of the trip, 25% of the total price of the trip will be paid.

The User may transfer his or her booking on a combined trip to a person who meets all the conditions required for the trip, free of charge. To do so, the transfer must be communicated in writing to Different Travel, S.L.U. at least 15 days before the start of the trip. In any case, the transferee must meet the same requirements as the transferor, required in general for the package tour, and both will be jointly liable to Different Travel, S.L.U. for the payment of the price of the trip and the justified additional costs of the transfer.

You can resolve any doubt or make any claim regarding the services through the means of contact at Different Travel, S.L.U. indicated in these Conditions.

8. Upholding the Contract

The information provided in the Portals does not constitute an offer, but an invitation to make a booking. By clicking on “Finish booking” the User is deemed to have placed an order, accepts these Conditions and is obliged to pay the corresponding amount. Different Travel S.L.U. will confirm on the screen and by sending an email to the user the contract is made with the relevant conditions (check your “junk items” or “spam” or folder to ensure that you have received it). You will be informed in the same way, if the contract cannot be confirmed or the booking cannot be made for any reason. In the case of package tours, this confirmation will include the written contract, with the corresponding elements, and if the booking is not confirmed, the period in which the User can demand confirmation will be indicated.

The contract will only be considered concluded when we send you this confirmation

If the contract is not concluded or the booking is not completed in accordance with the above and any charge has already been made to the User, the amount will be refunded in full by Different Travel S.L.U.

Vouchers or similar documents to enjoy the booked service will be sent by email. They can also be accessed from the My Bookings section within the customer profile.

Different Travel S.L.U. will keep an electronic copy of the conditions applicable to each contract. However, the User may keep their own copy of the conditions applicable to each contract.

For group bookings, the apartment reserves the right to confirm or reject places. Once confirmed, they may have different specific payment conditions to be detailed by the establishment. In this case, the acceptance of your order is subject to the confirmation of the conditions by the corresponding accommodation.

It is possible that, despite our best efforts, some of the services offered in the Portals are incorrectly priced. If the price of a service is higher than the price indicated on our Portal, we will inform you in order to take the appropriate measures.

If you contract a package, you are obliged to communicate any failure to uphold the contract, in writing or in any other way that is recorded, to Different Travel, SLU and the service provider concerned. Likewise, the User is informed that the period of limitation for actions for non-execution or deficient execution of a combined travel contract is two years.

9. Conditions applicable to the Reserving Members Club

In the event that the User registers or activates their account (the “Account”), they may become a member of the Reserving Members Club, which will allow them to:

  • View exclusive offers when browsing the Portals while logged into their Account.
  • Make payments using the “one-click” system (whereby the card is only entered once, is transformed into a secure encrypted code and is available for future purchases to make them more efficiently and quickly).
  • Receive special personalised offers of services and products from Different Travel, S.L.U. or its partners in the field of travel and leisure.
  • Access to a customer panel with information about the use of the portals and services of Different Travel, S.L.U., including bookings made, invoices, email reception management, offers…

To register in the Reserving Members Club, the User must provide the required registration information in the Portals at all times. For this purpose, the User must provide a valid email address, through which THEY will receive any notification regarding the Reserving Members Club Club.

The User acknowledges that the information provided in the registration is true, complete and up-to-date. The User shall be solely responsible for keeping such information up to date. The User may not impersonate another person at registration.

If the information provided by the User in registration, or Different Travel, S.L.U. gives reason to suspect that such information is false, incomplete or not updated, Different Travel, S.L.U. may suspend or cancel the Account or access to the Reserving Members Club.

The User must keep his/her password safe, treat it confidentially and not reveal it to other people. Likewise, they must not publish, distribute or disclose their password. You must never allow other users or third parties to use your Account, nor must you use another user’s account. The User must immediately inform Different Travel, S.L.U. of any violation or suspected violation of security, or unauthorized use of their Account.

If Different Travel, S.L.U. has reason to suspect that the Account is being used by unauthorized third parties, Different Travel, S.L.U. may suspend the Account or access to the Reserving Members Club.

The User is responsible for use of the Account, being obliged to indemnify and hold Different Travel, S.L.U. not responsible with respect to any damages, costs, losses, claims, demands and actions incurred or likely to be incurred by Different Travel, S.L.U. as a result or in connection with the use of the Account by the User.

10. Conditions applicable to companies and self-employed people

The registration of the User as a company or self-employed person and the contracting of products and services of Different Travel S.L.U. by the User implies the express acceptance and full and unreserved adherence to each and every one of these Conditions Applicable to Companies and Freelancers.

The User can consult the advantages of registration as a company or freelancer at the address / companies.

The prices shown on the website are final prices, depending on the search criteria (length of stay, number of people, etc.), including taxes, and taking into account the discounts applicable in your capacity as a company or freelancer. Such discounts will be available within 48 hours after the User has registered as a company or self-employed person. All prices must be paid in euros.

The User shall use the Portals solely and exclusively in good faith, and for use within the scope of their company or profession. The resale of the services offered through the Portals to third parties is not authorised.

The User declares that they have the necessary representation of their company to acquire the services offered through the Portals.

As this is a contract between entrepreneurs or professionals, the limitations established for the protection of consumers and users do not apply.

Different Travel S.L.U. does not guarantee that the services will be uninterrupted, safe, temporary, error-free, accurate, reliable, of a certain quality or reliability, that any error will be corrected, nor its correction or morality.

The User acknowledges and accepts that it is his/her exclusive responsibility to check the functionalities of the services prior to contracting them, as well as their suitability to meet his/her needs.


It is the responsibility of the User to maintain the confidentiality of their passwords, as well as to ensure the accuracy of the personal data provided, as well as other information relating to their company that they have provided.

The email address where you can contact Different Travel, S.L.U. is customersupport@onlyapartments.com. You can also contact Different Travel, S.L.U. by telephone on 935 111 335 , and from abroad on +34 935 111 335, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 9pm.

The parties, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction, are subject to the resolution of any disputes that may arise from it to the Courts of Boltaña (Huesca – Spain).

11. Wallet Conditions

The Customer Wallet (the “Wallet”) is a promotion (the “Promotion”) created by Different Travel, S.L.U. within the Reserving Members Club loyalty program. Only individuals may participate in this promotion.

As a member of the Reserving Members Club, the User accumulates a percentage of the amount of his/her booking in their Wallet in the accommodations that they book via the Portals where he/she selects, also in those reservations in which the Wallet has been used as a form of payment.

In order to accumulate the balance in the Wallet, it is obligatory to be a Reserving Members Club Client and to comply with all the conditions applicable to this type of client. It is only possible to create one account per user. If the User is not yet a member of the Reserving Members Club, they can create their Account here

The balance will be accumulated directly in the Wallet after the reservation is completed as a standby balance. Once the User has enjoyed the stay, this balance will become available balance (on departure of the accommodation) and can be redeemed in the next accommodation bookings that the User makes in the Portals.

The top-up of Wallet will be made after having enjoyed a reservation and will take place the day after the departure of the accommodation, except in reservations where there is direct payment to the establishment, in which the top-up as available balance will be made 7 days after the date of departure of the accommodation.

If the booking for which money has been accumulated in the Wallet is cancelled, the pending balance corresponding to this booking will also be cancelled.

If a reservation paid with Wallet is cancelled, the amount paid will be subject to the conditions of the cancellation policy of that reservation.

The balance will not be redeemable in lodgings where there is direct payment in the establishment.

The accumulation of balance is compatible with other promotions except those that indicate so in their own conditions.

The User may redeem his/her available balance whenever he/she wishes, selecting the Wallet as a payment method in his/her next reservations at the time of payment.

The balance can be used both for accommodation bookings and for packages with associated extras.

The available balance has an expiry date of one year from the date of the last accumulation of money contributed with the bookings as available balance.

For the User’s peace of mind, a reminder of the balance to expire will be sent on the eve of the expiry date. It is possible to redeem the balance of the wallet and gift vouchers that the User has in his possession in the same booking.

The amount of the Wallet that accumulates in each booking is always related to the final amount paid for the booking, once discounts and gift vouchers have been applied. If the final amount of the booking varies at any time during the booking process, the accumulated amount of the Wallet may also vary.

Different Travel, S.L.U. may investigate the participation of the User in the Promotion related to the Wallet to verify any fraudulent activity and take action against it. The amounts of the Wallet obtained through fraudulent activities or activities that violate these terms and payments of reservations made with these amounts will be canceled and will be worthless.

Also, Different Travel, S.L.U. will invalidate the amounts accumulated in the Wallet in cases of detecting duplicate accounts of the Reserving Members Club associated with the same User.

Any booking confirmed without accessing as Reserving Members Club Clients cannot accumulate credit in the Wallet neither at the moment of the purchase nor later.

Different Travel, S.L.U. reserves the right to block the User from taking advantage of this Promotion, if a case of fraud is discovered or if the participation of the User does not respect the mechanics of the Promotion or acts in bad faith. In this way, the User may cancel the balance accumulated to date from their Wallet.

Different Travel, S.L.U. will not be liable for damages arising from the Promotion, whatever their nature, unless they are caused by the negligence of Different Travel, S.L.U., in which case it would be responsible for the economic value of the money the user has accumulated in their wallet.

The User, if they wish to, may change the currency of their Wallet, knowing that each time a currency change is made, the corresponding conversion rate will be applied and a variable percentage will be discounted according to the currency, so that the accumulated balance of the Wallet will be automatically reduced with each conversion that occurs.

The currency exchange will be applied directly when paying for a booking with the Wallet, impacting on the new balance that it generates and on the previous pending balance, which will become available and converted to the newly referenced currency.

12. Transfer of Rights on Photographs

In case you send any photographs (the “Photograph”) through the form established for this purpose in any of the Portals, I authorize Different Travel, S.L.U. to use, disseminate, reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate and transform the Photograph.

For clarification purposes and merely as an example, this authorization permits Different Travel, S.L.U., to publish the Photograph in the Portals and in any other media, electronic or otherwise, owned by it or by third parties, including blogs and social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +), commercial brochures, catalogs and advertisements, as well as to perform the following actions:

  • Modify the Photography in the form that it considers appropriate, including photographic retouching, modification of colours and insertion of text or elimination of elements of the Photograph.
  • Publish only parts of the Photographs.
  • Not to use or stop using the Photograph, at its own discretion and for any reason.
  • To publish the Photograph, original or transformed, together with other photographs of the same or another producer.

Given the global nature of the above-mentioned electronic media, this authorization has a worldwide geographical scope.

This authorization is granted for the maximum duration of the intellectual property rights as established in the applicable legislation, and will be irrevocable.

The authorization is granted free of charge and there is no remuneration provided for it. Different Travel S.L.U. may use my name or my user to inform the author of the Photograph, at its sole discretion.

I also declare the following in relation to the Photograph, committing myself to compensate and keep Different Travel, S.L.U. unharmed if I fail to do so:

  • I have personally taken the Photograph, and I am the holder of the rights necessary to grant this authorization.
  • In the event that images of people appear in the Photograph, I declare that I have prior and express consent of these people, for its use by Different Travel, S.L.U. in the terms provided herein.
  • The photography is real and true and its content is legal. Its use or publication by Different Travel, S.L.U. in accordance with the provisions herein, does not infringe any rights of third parties or any applicable regulations.
  • The file of the Photograph does not contain any virus or any element that may affect the security or operation of communications networks, computer equipment or terminals.

13. Gift Vouchers

The process for redeeming a Gift Voucher is as follows:

  • The User must enter the website www.only-apartments.com
  • The User must select the reservation that interests him/her once he/she has decided on the destination and the dates
  • After clicking “book” on the product you have chosen, you will be taken to the purchase form where you will be asked for your details and a form of payment.
  • In the payment form, the User must select the option “Gift Voucher”, enter the code of the voucher and click on “apply discount” to recalculate the amount of the reservation.
  • Once the data and the correct amount have been checked, click on : “Finish booking”.

If the Gift Voucher has a balance greater than the selected reservation, the difference will still be available on this Gift Voucher for future bookings.

If the Gift Voucher has a smaller balance than the selected booking, you will have to pay the difference according to the booking conditions.

The Gift Voucher does not have an expiry date. However, after 18 months without the voucher having been redeemed, the User must send an e-mail to customersupport@onlyapartments.com indicating the code of the cheque and their wish to renew it. If 2 years pass without the Gift Voucher being redeemed or any communication being made to Different Travel S.L.U., the Gift Voucher will be cancelled.

The Gift Voucher can be redeemed for any product offered through our website www.only-apartments.com except in those cases where it is clearly indicated that the payment is made directly at the selected accommodation.

The Gift Voucher can never be redeemed for its cash value. It is not possible to cancel a Gift Voucher. Reservations made by redeeming a Gift Voucher may be cancelled or modified according to the general conditions of sale indicated in the booking process.

Gift Vouchers that are part of special promotions (for example, as a gift when booking an apartment) have their own conditions, and in particular, their own expiry date, which must be consulted for each promotion.

14. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

a. In the case of professionals and companies

These Conditions are governed, to the extent permitted by applicable law, by Spanish law. Also, to the extent permitted by applicable law and international agreements, the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Boltaña (Huesca, Spain), for any matter relating to the interpretation, enforcement or execution of these Conditions, expressly waiving any jurisdiction that may correspond, provided that the applicable law does not establish a specific mandatory jurisdiction.

b. In the case of consumers

These Conditions are governed by Spanish law or, if the User resides in a country other than Spain, by the law of the country of his or her domicile.

The courts of the consumer’s domicile will be competent to hear any dispute arising from these Conditions. In cases where the law does not necessarily provide for the home of the consumer to resolve conflicts with respect to these conditions, shall be competent, at the choice of the consumer, the court of his home or the court of Different Travel SLU, these are the Courts of Boltaña.

Different Travel S.L.U. also informs you that the European Commission has an online platform for the resolution of legal disputes, which is available at the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ You can submit complaints through the aforementioned online platform to resolve legal disputes.