The percentage of your commission is calculated according to the amount that the customer pays at the moment of making the booking (which is our commission, VAT not included). We establish a progressive scale in which the commission rises as your websites generate more bookings. After reaching a certain level of commission, the percentage remains the same and it is applied to all the following reservations you receive, until you accumulate the number of bookings that are necessary to increase the commission. The percentages are shown in the following table:

Number of reservations per month Your commission Example (booking amount 150 euros*)
0-50 35% 52,50 euros
51-150 38% 57 euros
151-500 41% 61,50 euros
+501 45% 67,50 euros

*Remember: the booking fee is the Only-apartments commission, not the total amount of the rent that the customer pays. The percentage of your commission will be calculated over the booking fee.