When they reach the milestone of 40 apartments under their management, ApartmentsRamblasis born, with all its apartments located in the historic center of Barcelona. However, the high demand for accommodation in other districts, from travelers who want to have a truly local experience, encourages them to expand into other areas. This leads them to a crossroads: continuing on the same path (thus limiting their possibilities for expansion), or focusing exclusively on becoming a meeting-point for travelers and apartment owners. After deciding on the latter, the platform experiences a spectacular evolution.
More destinations and new languages are added to the website.
The company enters its 5th year of life with a well-established business model under continuous expansion. At this point, Only-apartments consolidates its presence in Europe’s top destinations, from whence it continues to grow. It is the goal of the company, and that of its founders, to give utmost prominence to the short-term rentals sector, with the growth of Only-apartments mirroring that of this market.
The Social Media Department is set up, and the Owners Extranet revamped. The company continues to invest in online marketing to maximize the visibility of its apartments. Google documents the company’s growth in a case study about successful Google AdWords campaigns.
Only-apartments opens its 24/7 Customer Service Department and launches a mobile-friendly website. The number of employees increases to 74. Only-apartments continues to focus its efforts on internationalization and on increasing its number of properties worldwide. The company successfully undergoes a process of rebranding introducing a new brand image, which is then integrated into the Only-apartments newly designed webpage.
Elisabet Cristià y Alon Eldar, a couple formed by two architects, decide to move in together and rent out their respective apartments, which they advertise through local listings. One thought stands prominently on their mind: “Why not provide a different form of accommodation for travelers?”. Soon thereafter they are joined by several friends, and together they start renting out 6 apartments through their own newly-created platform. They personally take care of the cleaning, the handover of keys, and answering calls.
The company’s growth calls for the incorporation of new departments (this year sees the birth of the Sales Department) as customer interest grows. With the emergence of Google AdWords, they add their first foreign apartment in Paris; thus pushing their business model into new markets.
The company reaches the mark of 15 employees. Of some concern at this point is the name of the company, Apartmentsramblas.com, closely linked to one of Barcelona’s districts, and no longer relevant to the international business model. That is how Only-apartments comes into being: : simple and to the point; a company that specializes in apartments. The Marketing Department is created and SEO techniques implemented.
The Web Development Department is created integrating developers from various fields, and the web page is redesigned.
After years of sustained growth, Only-apartments opens office in China. The webpage becomes available in 5 different versions and translated into 20 languages. At this point the company encompasses several departments (Customer Service, Owners Service, Web Development, Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Communications, SEO, SEM, and Affiliations) with 60 employees.